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Primary Applicant Information
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OPTIONAL - Secondary Applicant

The Credit Bureaus charges a one time $23.00 fee for a full mortgage credit report, which we will use to evaluate your financial readiness to purchase a Home at this time.



I hereby authorize and instruct HUD Home Network to obtain and review my credit report. My credit report will be obtained from a credit-reporting agency chosen by HUD Home Network. I understand and agree that HUD Home Network intends to use the report for the purpose of evaluating my financial readiness to purchase a home from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development.

My submission of this form also authorizes the release to credit reporting agencies of financial or other information that I have supplied to HUD Home Network in connection with such evaluation. Authorization is further granted to the credit reporting-agency to use a copy to obtain any information the credit reporting agency deems necessary to complete my credit report.

In addition, connection with determining my ability to obtain a loan. I authorize HUD Home Network to share with potential mortgage lender and/or counseling agencies my credit report and any information that I have provided, including any computations and assessments that have been produced based upon such information.

These lenders may contact me to discuss loans for which I may be eligible, and these counseling agencies may contact me to discuss counseling services.

I understand that I may revoke my consent to these disclosures by notifying HUD Home Network in writing.