The finish line.

The day you finally close on your new home will probably be one of the most exciting in your life. Finally, the long tedious process of finding a home, and getting a loan is over, and by the time the day is done. You'll be the proud and happy owner of your new home.

Before that day ends, you will be asked to sign a seemingly endless number of forms, but the closing agent will go over each one with you. It's all necessary, but you can make it a little easier by asking HUD Home Network about it before the big day comes. Also, when you apply for your loan, your lender is required to give you a booklet explaining closing costs, an estimate of how much cash you'll have to supply at the closing, and a list of all the documents you'll need.

If you have any questions, perhaps they are answered in the "Q and A" section that follows. If not, why not go straight to the phone right now, and call a HUD Home Network and ask about HUD Homes? It's a small, first step. But the journey could eventually end at the door to a home you call your own.

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